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Massage Therapist Space Available

by Ola Tyler on 03/14/15

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Massage Therapists are you looking for a space of your own? Salon Nouveau, has affordable space available for a Masseuse. It is 80 square feet and comes with a private locker. See the video attached to this post. Call 616-246-0289 and ask for Sharon Potter.

As a self employed massage business owner you do have the opportunity to make much more (money).  As a business owner you get to keep more!  As a self employed massage you can make $85 an hour average a week.  I am not sure why anyone would not want that.   Yes I have overhead but it doesn’t compare at all to how much you have to pay when you give 40-60% of your gross to an employer as a so called independent contractor!  I pay rent but share an office space with others doing massage keeping the costs low and I am in the center of downtown Seattle, cell phone, website and that is about it!  I don’t advertise or do much in marketing because my website does it all for me! (Exerpt from Sage Spa
Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

Salon Nouveau is a beautifully decorated full-service salon. We offer a full service menu including: hair design (for every ethnicity), skin services, massages, manicures, pedicures, custom air brush tanning, and eyelash extensions. The stylists, techs, and therapist are all professional and work together as a team to make sure all of our clients are well cared-for. If you are interested in working in such a place, please contact Sharon Potter at (616)246-0289 .

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