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I want Hair Extensions. . .

by Ola Tyler on 06/21/15

Everyday we are bombarded in the media by beautiful women with the perfect full and flowing hair.  However, 95 percent of the time, that beautiful full flowing hair is added.

Hair extensions are the greatest and the latest hot trend. They are fun, gorgeous, and instant. But there is a backside to it all--cost, care, function.  In this blog we are going to discuss the types of extensions and  the pluses and minuses.  Maybe this can help you to decide if this type of beauty commitment is for you.

What are Hair Extensions:

Hair Extensions is the umbrella term for adding hair to give a person volume, length, or both.  There are various types of methods for adding hair, the three most common are:

Fusion (or Bonded) Hair Extensions (like Great Lengths). Individual keratin-tipped strands are fused to your natural hair using heat.

Cold Fusion (or Micro Bead, Threaded).   Individual keratin-tipped strands are beaded or wrapped by thread to your hair.

Tape-in Hair Extensions (like HotHeads). Wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape.

Weave (or Sew-in) Hair Extensions . Your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven (with thread) onto the braids. This can be done row by row or a foundation is braided and hair is sewn onto the foundation.

Within each of these categories, new methods are being created everyday.

Hair Extensions Frequently asked questions

Q. Will hair extensions damage my hair?

A. As long as the hair extensions are applied properly and you take the proper care of them there should be no damage. A lot of this depends on you.  If you are a very restless sleeper you can damage your hair because the constant rubbing on a pillow can cause your hair to be pulled out. It is best to sleep with your hair in a braid or pony tail to help this. You need to be gentle with your hair. If you are used to just ripping a brush or comb through your hair they may not be for you. Using the correct brush helps and making sure your hair is kept tangle free and free flowing is very important. Extensions are not hard to take care of you just have to be aware of them so you don’t catch them with a comb or your fingers.

Our number one recommendation is to run your fingers between your bonds every day to keep your extensions separated.

-Brush once a day with a loop brush if your hair is thick or a natural bristle brush reinforced with nylon bristles for finer hair. So if you have a brush and it feels like it is tearing your hair out it probably is.

-Don't go to bed with wet hair.

-Wear a ponytail or braid to bed.

-Hold your hair at the roots or base when combing. This will keep tension off of your own hair.

-Dry your bonds after washing and  you can let the rest air dry.

Q Can hair extensions be cut?

A. Absolutely! Hair extensions can be cut and styled in almost any way that you want. With that said, cutting hair extensions is no easier than cutting normal hair and it is advised that you have a professional do it. In fact, many consider it much more difficult to cut hair extensions because there are subtle differences in how to approach cutting them.

Q. Can I color my Hair Extensions?

A. You can do anything with human hair extensions that you can do to your natural hair. This includes dyeing, cutting, heat styling and chemically processing your human hair. However, the hair that is used should be virgin.  It is almost impossible to color previously colored hair.

Q:  Are hair extensions painful?

A:  There should be NEVER be any pain or discomfort associated with the hair extensions.  A slight awkwardness can be expected on the first night or two of sleeping on hair extensions, but this is due to the new feeling of the attachment. It is also an adjustment to suddenly have long hair, and have to deal with hair around the face while sleeping

Q. Can anyone notice that I am wearing hair extensions?

A. If the application is done  with a qualified and trained Stylist, it is nearly impossible to tell. The only way some can guess you have them is because your hair is so amazingly beautiful they just assume you must have some extensions otherwise how could you have so much beautiful hair.

Q. Are there any issues with swimming and hair extensions?

A. Yes you can go swimming in a pool or hot tub, but try to avoid  the ocean. Juts make sure to wash your hair as soon as you get out. Also try not to braid your hair when you swim. Put a little bit of spray in conditioner on before and after you are done swimming.

Q. What are better, straight or wavy hair extensions?

A. It depends on what you do with your hair. If it is typically straight then keep it that way. If you like to change it we recommend wavy as it can be worn straight or curled.

Q. Who is a good candidate for hair extensions?

A: Almost anyone can wear hair extensions.  There are, however, a few cases in which it might be advised against, or one method of application may be better than another.  For example, someone suffering with Alopecia would not be considered a good candidate, as well as those taking certain medications, or with genetic disorders causing loss of their natural hair.  You should always schedule a consultation before having hair extensions applied

Q. If my hair is damaged from chemicals; can I have hair extensions put in?

A. Yes.  Our priority is to protect your hair from any damage so that you can improve your look with confidence. In some cases, clients experience hair growth and fortification because the extensions force them to stop over processing. 

Q. How long can I leave my hair extensions in?

A. The answer to this question depends on how fast your natural hair grows and how well you take care of your extensions. . Based on the extension technique, some can be left in for up to six months!

Q. How often should I get my Hair Extensions Maintained?

A. Based on the method, you should schedule your maintenance appointment from every two weeks to around the 6-week period

Q. How do I wash my hair extensions?

A. Wash the hair in one direction. From top to bottom, avoid washing hair upside down in the sink. Use shampoos and conditioners that are for dry hair and add the most moisture. Wash hair right after swimming. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part to keep it from shedding or stretching. NOTE: Some extensions do not do well with conditioners at the root.  This can be explained by your stylist.


Excerpt from:

A Great weave is all about great hair quality.

The quality of the hair is crucial for a successful weave install. I encourage my clients to see it as a long term investment. Good hair quality lasts for a long time and can be re-used for a year or longer if maintained properly. Bad, low quality hair seems to be popping up everywhere these days and unfortunately there is no such thing as good cheap hair.

I have heard about cheap hair from mountain goats being sold as virgin hair and clients getting lice and chemical burns from cheap hair; even grave plundering of hair. Cheap hair might look good in the package until you open it and smell the corn chip odor, a smell you will never get rid of. Cheap hair is chemically processed and dipped in silicone to look shiny, however after a couple of washes you’ll feel the dryness tangling into a forever bad hair day.

I vote for real virgin quality hair donated by healthy women at the temples in India or bought ethically directly from donors. The hair is strapped in a ponytail before collected in a single cut. All the hair strands face the natural direction from root to tip, which prevents tangling. There are no chemicals or processing of the hair except from cleaning, combing and steaming the hair into the right texture. The virgin hair shades in natural black – a black hair colors with various natural shades of dark brown. No bundles are alike since they all come from various donators. But don’t worry too much about the shades differentiation – when installed it will look more natural with shade variations and can always dye virgin hair into any color you like.

Great hair quality has a natural bounce to it, the end feels soft and natural and gilded through your fingers like a charm. It is an amazing feeling wearing premium quality weaves.

A good thumb rule is to always buy hair from professional hair brands and never from cheap hair vendors that do not care about weave hair quality or source. The sourcing of premium virgin hair is expensive, so I would be aware if a bundle of 20 inches cost less than $100.

 Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indian, European, Eurasian, Scandinavian hair – to me they are all really the same hair.

There are a lot of myths about what kind of hair is the best quality to get. Suppliers are marketing all kinds of ethnicities, however for me it all comes down to good or bad quality hair. Basically all virgin hair comes from India or Asia and is steamed into various textures that reflect the ethnicities. Personally I love the Virgin Brazilian textures since they seems to blend more beautifully and the top grade quality is usually used for the Brazilian textures. Way back the mafia in Brazil stole hair from girl in the street by forcefully cutting it off, however today the Brazilian hair collecting business is gone and we all know that no Brazilian woman would ever cut their long saved hair pride willingly.

Sometimes I also hear hair companies refer to European or even Scandinavian hair, but the real source of all hair in the industry is India and Asia.

Treat your weaves and your own hair differently

When weaves are installed properly, they really look like your own natural hair. The weaves give your own hair a well deserved rest from exposure to sun, styling, products etc, that why it is referred to as protective styling. I always recommend my clients to treat they own hair and the weaves as two separate entities. If you have a leave out, you should be more careful with it than with the weaves and use low temps on styling tools and a heat protector before styling it.

How many bundles should I get?

Clients always ask me: “how many bundle should I get?”. Today a lot of companies are going down to low weight bundles to lower the price to customers. The Virgin Brazilian hair normally comes in 100 gram bundles (3.5-4 oz), however the Brazilian textures feel more full than same weight of i.e indian hair.

If a client wants to achieve a natural look and has quiet long natural hair, Two bundles of hair is recommended.  However if the clients wants a more glamorous look at least 3 bundles of hair is recommended. The celebrities normally install 4-5 bundles of hair to get a super vixen look.

 Get the weaves in staggered lengths.

When investing in weaves I recommend clients to buy them in staggered lengths, especially if you are looking for a natural look. Natural hair always grades down in a natural way, so if you are looking to get 18 inches of hair you should get one 14?, 16? and maybe two 18? bundles. The weaves natural end tips always looks the best in its natural state.

If you have any other questions about hair extensions, call Salon Nouveau at (616)246-0289. Our receptionist will gladly refer you to one of our professionals.

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