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FAQs About Color

by Ola Tyler on 12/20/14


Frequently, we get inquiries about hair color.  This beautiful esthetic for our hair is a great mystery.  Hopefully, this blog can help you to figure out some of the confusion.  Use our Request Form to the right of this blog to ask your question.  We will email  your answer.  In addition we will post your question and answer in this blog. 


I bleached my hair for an ombre  highlight.  It turned orange.  How do I get rid of it?


If your hair has been colored, black or is dark you can pull red or orange tones when applying bleach.  The best way to get rid of the orange is to to use a toner, or color that has a blue base. If you want it blond, you have to bleach it lighter to get the blond when it is toned.  See the following link for more answers on this and other questions you may have about hair correction:

You may also call the salon at (616)245-0289 and make appointment for your next color adventure.

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